January 14, 2015

Currently // January

I always see this type of post among the blogging community and now I'm finally chiming in. The blog hasn't exactly been blogtastic ... what I really need to do is stop being lazy and put things in motion. But for now, lets do a "Currently January"!

CRAFTING  Nothing yet. I got a sewing machine from the mister and I've been super active on Pinterest. And my first project will be a skirt because they're one of my favorite things to wear especially with the warm weather we're always having on Oahu.

DRINKING Chocolate protein shake with almond milk and banana. For about a week now, I've started this 28 days Fit Girl Guide, which included a home workout and clean eating meal plan. I love it so far, the workout isn't exactly what I'm use to, so I've been adding other things into it to make it more strenuous. Eventually I'd love to get into some weight lifting!

PLAYING Trivia Crack! My brother asked me to download and it's pretty fun, but I'm HORRIBLE at trivia!

WISHING For smooth sailing for the entire year. We're currently in deployment work-ups and the schedule is constantly changing (no surprise there). And in less than a year, we're suppose to move to our next duty station, wherever that may be. Of course I can't help, but wonder where our next chapter will begin at. So yeah, I want some smooth sailing, but that's wishful thinking ;)

WAITING for more of my shows to start up again! I recently got into Jane the Virgin and I'm such a fan, I love how they wrote the story, it's pretty hilarious if you ask me!

LIKING the weather! During the winter months in Oahu, we experience "cooler weather", before you guys jump all over that and start saying "you can have snow instead". I'm not complaining, I miss wearing my sweats and bundling up during the colder seasons, come on now, I was raised in Washington State. And now live in a climate where it's always warm and sunny, yet again, not complaining. We're already feeling it, but the hotter days will be returning.

WONDERING when the mister will be home. Seriously ... hoping he'll be home early enough that we can do a little dinner date night!

NEEDING blog post ideas, PRONTO!

SMELLING 86% dark chocolate ... love love love!

WEARING Nike athletic shorts that I snatched up for cheap at Nordy's Rack and a sports bra. I probably should go take a shower.

LISTENING TO the birds chipping and dogs barking. Our internet was slow and I was trying to watch a movie on Netflix, so I just turned it off.

WATCHING Jane the Virgin + The Book of Life + Big Hero 6. I haven't seen The Book of Life and Big Hero 6, but I want to.

OBSESSING OVER My amazing clean meals that I make everyday, they're seriously delicious!

WORKING ON nothing at the moment, but I have some projects that I need to work out.

What are you all up to?!

January 5, 2015


Ah yes, I've been on a two week hiatus from the blogging and here I am with the new year! I absolutely cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, it's to the point where events from 2014 are blending in with 2013!

The mister had second-half holiday stand down, so we did a little island hopping to the Big Island, I've already been there several times since I have family there, but it was his first. And no surprise, it's my favorite island, so you'll be seeing blog posts either this week or the next along with Maui and Kaua'i posts that I haven't shared yet.

I was hoping to produce some amazing posts to top off this year, but my brain is such a scramble. The mister returns back to work and it has been so great to have him home for nearly two weeks, plus the deployment work-ups begin ... womp womp. I'm not trying to think about it too hard and it's inevitable, so BRING IT ON! And there's so much to look forward to already, I foresee plenty of traveling this Spring and Summer :) And we all know how much I travel!

Before I went on my hiatus, I did a rendition of my weekly wishes, so it's time to wipe off the dust and bring them back to light. I'll be honest, since I wrote them, I rarely looked back at them. Here goes nothing.

Previous Weekly Wishes

  • SEND OUT HOLIDAY CARDS // They've partially been sent out, I have my last batch that needs to sent out. And I ran out of holiday cards and need to print out more letter, I underestimated the amount I printed!
  • ADD HIKING LIST TO BLOG // This is a work in progress, we're working on creating a list of hikes that we want to do on this island. And hopefully I'll be able to share that all with you very soon!
  • WORKOUT + YOGA // Tomorrow is a new day and that's when things shall begin. I'm trying out this two month program that maybe I'll blog about or maybe not. The most I share about the "active" lifestyle that I try to live is when I play volleyball.
  • MAIL OUT HOLIDAY GIFTS TO FAMILY // Man that was a task with everyone sending out packages at the same time, but the lines flowed very quickly. Packages were received and everybody was happy :)
  • WORK ON POSTS FOR THE NEW YEAR // ... and more ...

This Week's Wishes

  • DO YOGA 3 TIMES THIS WEEK // My muscles are horribly tight especially my 'hammies', flexibility here we come!
  • SIGN UP FOR HAWAIIAN LANGUAGE CLASS // I'm signing up to learn Hawaiian in February and I can't believe I waited this long to learn ...
  • USE MY PLANNER DAILY AND GET IN THE HABIT OF USING IT // I love my 2015 planner, not only is it a beaut, I love the format. There are pages for each day, so that gives me more room for jotting things down.
I can't be very promising with my posts this week, I just need my brain to settle for a few days until I get back to things.

Have a great week, everyone!

December 15, 2014

December Wishes Overview + Weekly Wishes

Last week I nixed the weekly wishes and did 'December Wishes' instead. For the remainder of the year, which is only a couple more weeks, I'll do a little overview every week.

It has completely blown my mind that the weeks just go by so quickly, it's becoming quite the blur to be honest. This week wasn't too eventful for me, I still have a few more gifts to get for the holidays and hopefully send them off by the end of the week. Among other things that we need to send, our holiday cards are included! We're definitely slacking on that one, but it will get done.

This week is a little busy, I have last-minute gifts to find, 3 to be exact and then my sissy (she's not my biological sister) and I have a little "holiday check list" that we want to work on before she heads back home to Maui.

The mister took second half holiday stand down and we'll be hopping over to the Big Island for 6 days. I've been there one too many times to count because my family from both sides (my parents) are there, and my oldest brother! It'll be a great adventure because it's the hubby's first time and he'll meet some of my relatives. We still have a couple of weeks before we jetset, but we're pretty excited!

OK, lets get to overview and update all of you on my 'December Wishes'.

December Wishes Overview

  • MAIL OUT THE HOLIDAY CARDS ASAP // Yeah that didn't happen, but it will this week!
  • FINISH MY HOLIDAY GIFT SHOPPING // Just a few more to go and then I'm all done, I'm so glad that I started shopping little by little in October.
  • SET BLOG GOALS FOR NEXT YEAR // Believe it or not, they're all in my head, but my dad always told me it's not real until you write it down, so that's what I need to do.
  • INCORPORATE YOGA MORE INTO MY LIFE // I'll be starting it this week, I'm in serious need of physical activity. I sit way too much!
  • WORKOUT // Today is the day to start it all, I don't exactly have a master plan for my workout, so we'll see how it goes.
  • LEARN HAWAIIAN // I'm still on the hunt to find a place that offers, there isn't a Spring schedule out yet, I think that's why I've been having such a hard time finding them.
  • TRADITIONAL HAWAIIAN TATTOO // Still need to do more research for that.
  • FIND MORE HIKES TO DO // We have started to the hiking list, if anyone is interested in seeing that, I can definitely add it to the blog. I've been debating putting a post together with hikes we've down on some of the different islands that we've traveled to. We have a bunch planned in Big Island.
  • IPHONE 6+ or GALAXY S5 // I just want to say thank you for all the feedback on which phone I should get, but I think I've settled on the Galaxy S5. Now I've been such an Apple fan, but they're not too innovative, anymore. So, it's time to give the Galaxy S5 a go and I can't wait to see what it offers.

Weekly Wishes

Until next time!

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