July 21, 2014

Weekend Fun.

There are so many awesome events that happen nearly every week on the island, and I've done a terrible job of attending some of them. So, I've began marking them down the ones that I want to attend on my calendar.

Before the weekend of festivities began, I did some volunteering for Operation Homefront, which is a nonprofit organization that helps out families of service members and wounded warriors. And the event I specifically helped out with was the Back-to-School Brigade, which provided school supplies to the young bucks! When it comes to volunteering, I like to stick with the behind the scenes stuff instead of working the actual event. And I sorted through school supplies and stuffed them into 700 backpacks! I've been wanting to be more active with the volunteering, so I was beyond happy when I came across this event. I definitely plan on volunteering for more events they put on.

On Saturday, there was the Haleiwa Arts Festival, an event I was really looking forward to. I had no intention of buying any art because of the how much money that would all be. But I didn't go home empty-handed either. I bought a beautiful Hawaiian vintage chic burlap clutch from Noho Designs, which for some reason did not take a picture of (go check out her etsy!). I had a great time talking story with Aunty Kamaile and look forward to talking with her again at the Made in Hawai'i Festival next month!

I ended buying these three cards from Harald M. Lehnardt, he had a very unique take of contemporary art with Hawaiian incorporated. I was such a fan of it and wished I could have bought some canvas art, but these were what I stuck with it. After talking to the artist for about 15 minutes, I learned that he was from Germany, got his Masters in New York, and has lived in Hawai'i for 9 years! So awesome! Anyways, I'm planning on putting them in frames and hanging it on my 'Hawaiian' wall. There were over 60 artists at the event ranging for jewelry making to paintings, it's a must-see event for the year and can't wait to go back next year!

Finally, the night ended with some rugby matches! I guess you can say it was the main event for my weekend and thankfully I saw the flyer at the very last moment. There were matches going on all day at the Aloha Stadium, but I mainly wanted to see the USA vs Samoa match. (No it wasn't the rugby union teams, that would have been epic though!). But this match was just as exciting to watch, way too many injuries for my taste, but definitely an awesome game overall. Rugby is one of my all-time favorite sports to watch and one that I try keep up with. Of course, the New Zealand All Blacks team is my ULTIMATE favorite and it's still a dream of mine to spectate one of their matches, but I'll take this rugby league match over nothing! We were not disappointed!

It was such a solid weekend, I can barely get over it! This upcoming week will be filled with lots of volleyball and celebrating a certain someone's birthday! I hope all of you had a great weekend!


July 16, 2014

DIY Bookshelves Inspiration

The mister and I are embarking on this DIY journey, we have a few projects that we definitely want to take on. And one is complete so far (well he did it, I just sat and watched), he made a stand up desk! I wish I did a better job of documenting the whole process, but lesson learned. I'll post pictures of the finished product next time.

Our next project is our book shelf! We have a temporary bookshelf that holds not only our books, but all sorts of odds and ends that had no home. Our home is a 600 sq ft studio, (I guess you could call it ... we live above a detached garage), so we really have to utilize every bit of space. It's been quite the task to make this place a home and it's a huge work in progress, but we'll get there. It's been my own little project on making this place more home-y. We have a temporary shelf that doesn't fit with the look we're going with, so it has to go. 

As most of you know, pinterest is a HUGE source of inspiration, and that's where I went to gather some shelving inspiration. And I fell in love with the pipe shelving units, here's some of the inspiration that I pinned!

Brick House
7th House On The Left
And here's the one that we decided on!

Almost Makes Perfect

Not exactly a pipe shelf, but we were just trying to avoid a million nail holes in the wall of a place that we're renting. It's definitely not a lengthy project, but I can't wait for us to install them. I'll definitely be documenting this time because it's been my top pick for DIY home projects.

What DIY home projects do or have you done?

July 14, 2014

20 Facts.

The whole 20 facts is going around on facebook and instagram. And this past weekend, I was tagged! If you follow me on instagram (@malialilinoe), then you saw my list of 20 facts. I thought I'd go ahead and make a blog post about it.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Basically, you just list 20 facts about yourself and tag other people. I chose not to tag anyone because it's not something that I like to do personally and people are just getting all worked up about being tagged (relaxxxxx).

1. Lilinoe is my middle name.
2. If you didn't know that, you probably don't know me that well.
3. I started playing volleyball when I was in the 7th grade because my parents didn't want me to get tired of it.
4. I'm 25 ... still love and play the sport; I'll be playing until I can no longer move.
5. I loved club volleyball way more than school volleyball.
6. I interlock my fingers when I'm passing a volleyball.
7. I have 2 blogs, one which you can find in my profile ;)
8. Skittles Wild Berry (purple bag) is my favorite.
9. Family over everyone.
10. I just learned that I am 56.2% Hawaiian! We never knew how much we had.
11. I was raised in the mainland; Washington.
12. I'm the youngest of 4 and the only girl.
13. My brothers have longer hair than I do. It's not fair.
14. I review romance novels and love it.
15. I prefer to bake from scratch.
16. I am unemployed, but I don't sit on my a** all day.
17. I paint my own nails every week; I rather enjoy it!
18. I've considered vlogging, but what the heck am I going to talk about? Haha.
19. Met my husband through Facebook, but introduced through mutual friends. (if that makes sense).
20. It was actually pretty fun doing this!

See, nothing too crazy! I hope everyone has a great start to their week!