October 1, 2014

#Blogtober14 // If You Won The Lottery

The time has finally come, not only is October my favorite month, but I've made a goal for myself to blog everyday this month. It's a huge goal for me because this is a first during my many years of blogging!

All thanks to The Daily Tay & Helene In Between for putting on #BLOGTOBER14! They've given us daily prompts, but also give you room to change the prompts up to your fitting. I already have certain days where I write about certain things, so those will remain the same. I am so excited to take a part of this and I hope you enjoy them as well!

It's never too late to join in, visit here for more details!

If I Won the Lottery ...

I guess it would depend on how much it was. Lets sidetrack to if it were a scratch ticket. If it were $20 bucks, I'd still be elated because the most I've won from even a scratch ticket was $5. And even then, I think we just bought more scratch tickets from that.

Anyways back to the prompt, if I won a million dollars, I :
  • probably wouldn't tell anyone
  • put some into savings
  • travel back to New Zealand
  • just travel in general
  • build our dream home
  • donate to charity
I've actually never really thought about this, but I like my list. It seems a bit small, but I don't mind one bit. I do know that if we ever did win, I wouldn't let it change me in anyway. We all have our personal views about money and I won't go spouting it all over the internet. But that would be my #1 thing, to not let it change me!

Good thing we live in Hawai'i, gambling is illegal. We won't be winning the lottery anytime, soon.

What would you do, if you won the lottery?

Helene in Between

September 30, 2014

Wings Over the Pacific // Blue Angels

For a couple of months, it was announced that the Blue Angels were coming. Being excited was an understatement, we almost didn't go because the airshow was open to the public and fighting the crowds didn't seem appealing. We obviously decided to go and thank goodness for that!

This was my first airshow and first time seeing the Blue Angels, we didn't get the chance to see them during Commissioning Week back in 2011 at Annapolis, Maryland. So the moment finally came for me to witness their amazing skills! I was completely blown away and kept telling the mister that I would be so on edge if he was a pilot. Ladies, I don't know how you do it, but I'd be a nervous wreck ball during every flight!

The airshow was held at Hickam AFB and we expected some major traffic and waiting time. Fortunately for us, it didn't take us long at all, we were pretty surprised! Have you seen the amount of people that live on this tiny island?! It's ridiculous! I wanted to commend Hickam for organizing their parking system very well; I even applauded it in the car. And then felt bad because I'm sure a lot of the men and women directing cars/a part of security were bored out of their minds. Although, I did see plenty of people take the opportunity to snap a selfie with them. Anyways, as for leaving, that was a different story, but we got lucky again because a quicker way to leave base opened, and we zoomed right out of there. It gave us plenty of time to drive somewhere to pick up our dinner!

It was such a great weekend and I've been loving the quality time that I've had with the mister! Plus, I'm doing a much better job of taking pictures and capturing some 'couple selfies', which we don't do that often.

Whenever we move again, I'll be looking forward to the day, when we see the Blue Angels again! Hope you enjoy my pictures!

September 29, 2014

Weekly Wishes #8

Man, it's been a crazy week! I'm going through a personal change in my life that maybe I'll blog about someday, but I also feel like there are some things that are better kept to myself and loved ones. And there's certain topics that I rather keep away from my little blogging world. But I will share that it's a positive change and I've enjoyed every step of the journey.

On Thursday, we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary! We exchanged gifts the night before and went out to dinner the next day. I did a little #TBT post last Thursday that featured lots of pictures from our wedding!

Sunday, we went to the Wings Over the Pacific, which was the air show held at Hickam AFB. It was opened to the public, which crazy to see how much of crowd that drew in. It was my first time seeing the Blue Angels, since I didn't get my chance 3 years ago during my husband's Commissioning Week. And you bet, I'll be sharing my pictures! I just got done looking through them and I'm so happy that a lot of them turned out well!

I didn't quite have a successful week for my wishes, but it's a new week and I'm ready to take it on!

Last Week's Wishes

    1. Start putting my books and other things onto the shelves. // Yay, I did it and you can read all about, here.
    2. Read 6 books and write reviews. // Sadly, there was some unexpected events that hindered me to get all my reading down. I did manage to read 4 books, but still need to write the reviews for two of them.
    3. Do some blog maintenance & design stuff for the blog. // Done and done. That was probably the easiest task for the week!
    4. Take 2 - create holiday cards to send out to the family & friends. // Failure.
    5. Schedule at least a week in advance for blog posts // I really need tips for this one. Next month will be better since I'm participating in The Daily Tay & Helene in Between's #BLOGTOBER14. There's a prompt everyday that you blog about and they're all a lot of fun. I'm definitely looking forward to writing them all out! If anyone is interested in joining, click through the picture to be directed.
      Helene in Between

    This Week's Wishes

    1. Read 6 books & write reviews. // There's my 'Goodreads Challenge Widget' on the sidebar that keeps track of my progress. I'm slowly making moves past the halfway point.
    2. Edit pictures for this week's posts. // I've got a week of posts planned for this week, minus the weekend, and doing some light editing is a must. We went to an airshow on base this past weekend and saw the Blue Angels; I definitely can't wait to share the pictures from that one.
    3. Start knocking out posts for #BLOGTOBER. // I'm extremely excited to get this one going!
    4. Plan out a hike for the weekend // One of my favorite things to do on Oahu is to go hiking. A couple of weeks ago, we did a 6 mile hike that had a rewarding view, but definitely left us achy and sore. Since I've returned from Washington, I've been craving to go hiking a lot more. I'm suppose to be posting about them on Fridays, but F-A-I-L. But I'm already queuing up one for this Friday.
    Question for today :

    What is your favorite thing about Fall?

    The Nectar Collective
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